Our DSLR camera is our most important tool. We capture memories on film, and make them last forever. But DSLR cameras are expensive, even entry level cameras. Proper maintenance for your camera is essential so you can keep taking the photos you want to. Money used to replace your camera could be spent on additional equipment; like tripods, lighting or even backdrops – all of which can help you become a professional photographer.

Get to know how to take care of your DSLR camera

So if you have a digital camera, maintenance is the very important key to prolong its working life. So you should learn how to take care of your digital camera. Below are some cleaning tips available to maintain your digital camera properly.

If you take care of your camera properly, it will reward you with a long life. Most of the peoples know how to take pictures in their camera, but they don’t know how to prolong the life of the camera through proper care. This article explains the most important care aspects of your digital camera.

Important camera maintenance tips for beginners

Keep your camera in the camera bag

Most of the peoples do not carry the camera in their camera bag. They put the camera in their backpacks, suitcases, or their purses. If you do not carry your camera in a proper camera bag, the camera can get scratched very easily. A proper camera bag can prevent scratches which would damage expensive DSLR camera bodies or even expensive lenses – bear in mind that as you expand your inventory of lenses, some can easily get into the thousands. Protecting those expensive lenses is essential! Additionally, camera bags also does not allow dust inside the bag keeping the DSLR camera body dust free allowing you to take clearer pictures, free from “noise” or speckles. Most of the camera bags are waterproof on the outside so it keeps the camera safe from rain. There are many camera bags available in the market in various sizes. You should choose to protect one for your camera.

DSLR maintenance in camera bag storage

Cleaning your DSLR

You need a special equipment to clean your camera lens and LCD screen. There are some equipment’s specially designed to clean your camera that includes liquid solutions, brushes, and microfiber cloths. You should buy a special cleaning kit to clean your camera.

If there are any fingerprints or any dust on your LED screen, you can just use the microfiber cloth to get rid of them. Don’t use your shirt to clean your camera lenses – they can potentially scratch valuable lenses! While you are cleaning the LED screen and lens, you should also clean the camera sensor.

Lens cap

Lens cap should already comes with your camera. There is a reason the lens cap comes with your camera. When you do not use your camera, you should replace the cap back on your camera lens. It provides small protection for your camera lens from dangers like dust or chipping or scratches. When shooting the lens hoods can help block potential sun glare and gives protection to the edge of your lens for more level photograph.

Never leave your batteries in your camera for a long period of time

Sometimes the camera batteries act like a leaked acid. Now, most of the camera batteries are alkaline or lithium formats. If you keep the batteries inside your camera for a long period of time, then the batteries get corrosive. If you are going to putting your camera on the shelf for several months, it is better to remove the battery from the camera.


If you are going on vacation, beaches can be and usually are one of the most photographed places. But humidity is one of the major problems for your camera life. It is dangerous and can be a harmful influence on the camera lens and imaging sensor of your DSLR. So it is very important to keep your camera away from extreme weather conditions and keep your camera in dry places.

By being mindful of your camera, the environment and proper maintenance, your camera can be used potentially for years to come. Simple negligence can ruin DSLR bodies or even costly lenses, causing thousands in potential damage.